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Small amount loans projects with flexible online loans and easy repayment system.
Will Give You a Good Loan Experience
Base on user experience, we reach the goal of speedy certification, real-time approval and speedy loans, which making application and real-time approval status tracking easily. Also the borrowers can pay back at anytime and anywhere.
The advantages of Flash Cashloan
Most convenient installment payment, a service fee will be charged one-time ranging from 0% to 20%
Interest rate: 1% per day
Duration: 7 days (minimum) up to 60 days (maximum)
Example of transaction simulation:
The loan of PHP 5000 within 10 days, the calculation is as follows:
Total payment:
PHP (5000*1%*10+5000) = PHP 5500
So that the total bill to be paid on the 10th day is PHP 5500
How to Loan
Easy to use, quick approval, speedy loan.
Fill in
Select loan amount and choose repvayment time, fill in receiving bank name and number.
Data Authentication
Authenticate user getting data from the correct entity and validate the integrity of the data.
Pending Review
Verify the credit of loan account, guarantee the interests of both borrowers and lenders.
Capital Arrival
Arrive quickly as soon as be approved, solve the rigid demand for urgent use of small funds.
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